This site is an very old and archived site... ⌛

It personally represents an important phase between 1997 - 2007. It aims to respect the memories of a beautiful community of game, science-fiction and anime appreciating humans who created online experiences for people to share their love 💕 and creative spirits. 

It stands still, with only a few alterations to ensure it remains relatively functioning 🎉. In saying that, it does mean that there will be many broken links to external sites that have disappeared much like this one had in the past... as well as old school coding. Yes. Tables. Don't look. 🙈

To that note - As an incredibly nostalgic person, I have visited many to see if any still remain. As it is very rare to find ones that are still alive, the secondary objective of these resurrections is to leave a reminder; a time capsule if you will, to see if others share the same nostalgic quest, to seek the memory of when the internet was there primarily for bringing people together; not tearing them apart.

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