past versions

As this is such a new site, the below are past versions of I love looking at how I've improved over the years and all the ways I've experimented.

Version 1, Dedicated to Mae of, Usagi, Chibi-usa and Pegasus.

Version 2, Ayame from Tenchu 2.

Version 3, Morrowind.

Version 4, Linneage 2.

Version 5, Seymour from FFX. This was when I was actually into FFX

A gift from Lian and I didn't want to take it down, because it was so gorgeous!!! Had a really cool navigation, the buttons glowed :O and so did the text!

I had this design up for ages and ages cos it's one of the few that I actually really like. It features Ayami Rei from Evangelion, and is my favourite design.

This was a FLCL design for a couple marathon, I don't usually participate in marathons but in the next 3 or so layouts i've done so. It is okay. Not as nice as the Rei one.

This design is crap and i hate it and blech. It features two awesome characters though - Ichigo and Orihime from Bleach.

this design is really plain and is for a movie marathon thingy. it's okay. kinda plain. but it has ewan :D

This was created because I was obsessed with Full Metal Alchemist at the time (still am!) This was a table based design with darkish colours.