These are my dear affiliates. These are very kind people and great designers. These are very special people I've met on my journey through the internet. I love to meet people who are so talented in whatever field they focus on, but are wonderful and kind people to boot! In their name's alphabetical order:

Aiko: Her collective is so pretty and has great sites! I love visiting there and looking at her mad graphic skills, plus she's super sweet!
Airi: Is such a sweet, hyper and happy girl who cheers me up when I think of her. She has a very positive attitude and such amazing gorgeous sites!
Alex: She has such an amazing skill at design and is very articulate and smart. She's such a kind and friendly person who never made me feel inferior even though she totally pwns.
Argilla: Argilla is such a sweet girl who's designs are always so soft and beautiful. She's very kind and listens when I bug her about random stuff. I also am working on our Naruto shrine with her!
Chloe: has a unique and wonderful style to her designs. She's very friendly and I enjoy talking to her a lot!
Lexa: I've been friends with Lexa for a long time now, she's so kind to me and I love her a lot. I wish I got more time to speak to her, but looking at her beautiful domain helps me with my Lexa-cravings!
Linda: is a great person who's awesome at php and a very dedicated person. I enjoyed working on Crystal Peach with her, even though unfortunately I'm slacker. Sorry!
Linh: L is the hottest thing to enter the planet, besides her Sydney Losstarot. She talks in the coolest way and I just love her a lot! I feel like she's one of my closest online friends and she puts up with me bugging her a lot, so that's awesome!
Michelle: I have admired Michelle's domain for so long, and plucked up the courage to ask for affiliation. I hope that this new contact with her will help create a wonderful friendship! Stupid timezones!
Mig: Is amazingly creative, not only her web designs but her photography is outstanding. Her photography surpasses many of the professional photographers I study at school, plus she's a very beautiful and kind person.
Moll: She has beautiful designs that are always very well organised and pretty as! She loves a lot of the fandoms that I do as well!
Saki: Once again timezones and IRL restrictions has caused me to unfortunately not able to talk to one of my other closest online friends, Saki. I have known Saki for an eternity. She's kind, but also very brave and protective! Her designs are absolutely AMAZING. She also hosts me and is very patient with my annoying computery questions!
Stacey-Anne: The resident FFVII-in-the-know-girl. She's one of the most patient people and always puts so much time, effort and love into her sites, as she does with her friendships. She's very friendly and let's me bug her about FFVII!
Stefi: I really wish I got more time to talk to Stefi cos I enjoy her company! She's awfully kind and friendly and very talented at design.

Past Affiliates

These are my past affiliates from, and akin candle. I miss my affiliates and hope one day they'll contact me and we can chat again like the old days. I like to keep the list here because I like reminiscing. email me and let me know cos I miss you!!

Kaelea @, Nanako @ Tinkerbell, Teefa @ Teddybear, Bo @ translucent betrayal, Saria @